We feel that sharing feedback from our Alumni provides an impactful insight to the commitment we have to our patients - and we hope to see individuals join our teams who have the same passion for sobriety and treatment!

Beach House Alumni Testimonials

Travis B – Something about being at the Beach House lit a fire under me and it was the starting point for the want to continuously better myself. I'm not sure if I was there at the perfect time with all the right people around, but something about being around people from all over the country going through the same thing as you, with staff that was always there to help us and lead us, in such a chill environment, really woke me up. Thank you Beach House. Although my recovery may not be perfect, I haven't stopped bettering myself.  Changed my life forever...thank you guys!

Tribe E – My time at Beach House was a very enlightening, rewarding and humbling experience. First of all Juno Beach is a very beautiful area, I felt safe and the locals seem to be very friendly. As an automotive enthusiast I was also impressed when I saw that I was getting picked up from the airport in a shiny black Audi. I got checked in by the friendly staff and was well fed on my arrival. The facility is very clean as the cleaning crew were always scrubbing, wiping and polishing on a daily basis. The therapists here are great, well-educated and I felt that they had my best interests at heart. Another thing is that most of the staff including the owner are in recovery which is something I truly value. We were able to go to the beach twice daily, the gym and outside meetings which took away the feeling of being confined. One of the best aspects of my stay was the FOOD, the food here is simply amazing! I was blown away when we had, lobster, prime rib, Cornish hen, shrimp among other things for x-mas eve dinner. Nothing is perfect and there were little glitches & miscommunications here and there but not enough to taint my overall experience and appreciation for my time there. I hope to visit someday as a speaker as I intend to keep in touch through the alumni association. Beach House Class of January 2020, 20/20 Vision! One Love


Angela M – I am very grateful for Beach House and their staff. If you're ready to get sober and you are ready to do it for YOU, get some help. It will be rough for a while but it is worth it. Use the therapists there and follow a program. Be ready to connect with others and find a spiritual outlet. We do recover and Beach House is a great place to start!


Bryant C – The Beach House is a total family experience of loving clinical advisors and staff members I stayed there for nearly 5 months and got the best support and counseling that was available. They always lookout for the well-being of their clients and make sure that your issue is personally and professionally taking care of nothing but love for the whole Beach House family.


David B – All around amazing rehab facility. Great staff and great program for your road to recovery. Highly recommend!!

Eric B – Beach House has saved my life. For my whole life I have had serious problems with drugs and alcohol. Not only am I an addict but bipolar as well. This facility saved my life on both levels. Writing this I currently have 258 days sober, the longest period of time I have had in my life. I also am on a regulated medication regiment that actually is helping me. The facility, faculty, and resources available are top notch. I was scared to get on a plane and go 8 hours away from everything I knew. I was greeted at the airport with a gentlemen holding my name up, stayed in clean, nice, and comfortable housing. I was treated for dual diagnosis seeing a psychiatrist and was introduced to a new and sober way of life. They not only focus on keeping you sober during your stay there but employ an alumni staff that stays plugged in with clients that have completed the program. The coordinator Meghan is truly exceptional. She has helped me so much with resources and advice to not only help myself but how to be an advocate for others. Her experience, strength, and hope that she shares is magnetic and I can't be thankful enough for her. The gratitude that my family and I have for Beach House Center for Recovery cannot be matched. This place has EVERYTHING you need to start being sober and helps you after. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction please reach out as soon as you can, they will help. If you are reading this just know you are worthy and help is always just a call away.


Derek M – Very happy with the services, the road to recovery isn't easy by any means but this facility had the patience to help guide me through the “process" of recovery. They encompass the 12 step program and they are about the evidence of the disease of addiction


Kara C – Amazing facility. Supportive and caring staff. They really focus on individualized therapy and offer support for loved ones as well.


Nathan H – I was at Beach House one year ago. I cannot think the staff enough for the support, love and the tools they provided me with in order to live a clean and healthy life. Before I had even got there I had made the decision that I would dive into the program 100%. When the staff and support teams that work there saw that I was serious they dove into my recovery 100%. As of December 7th I have been one year off of opiates. The nurses, the staff, the technicians and the medical team we’re all top-notch very helpful and very loving. If you’re looking to clean your life up and end the long cycle of substance abuse I only recommend Beach House.


Lindsay B – Beach House was AMAZING. From the minute I called them, they took care of everything in order for me to get there and walked me through every step along the way. The staff was kind and caring and the food was SO good lol I would highly recommend Beach House.


Shaun B  –  If you need help MAKE that call these people will make it painless... One of kind place. Changed my life forever...thank you guys!