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I feel like being employed at Beach House has been like winning the lottery. I get to save people's lives; my manager is supportive, personable, always expects my best (without micro-managing) and trusts my judgment. I always feel confident that my coworkers will be there for me if I need them. The culture is positive and the company is very compliant with industry standards. Most of the clients I bring in have said phenomenal things about their therapists and the program. If you thrive on drama and a lot a lot of unnecessary stress don't apply! I've worked in the field for over 10 years and seriously, the place is run like a well-oiled machine. The hardest part of the job is not being able to convince every single eligible client calling that we are different/better/more caring/more respectful and more knowledgeable than other programs locally and nationally.


I've been with Beach House for several years now. I've seen the highs and lows associated with the recovery industry, and Beach House continues to be a strong force in south Florida helping thousands of people break their addiction. Because of their culture of finding the right person for the right job they continue to succeed. With any organization there are the less than stellar employees that feel it’s always someone else's fault, but at Beach House they have given me every opportunity and tool that I need to succeed. I would surely recommend working here for anyone that isn't afraid to actually work for their pay.


Beach House has been such a great place to work, especially as a new nurse. Everyone is very helpful and the nurses always demonstrate great teamwork. The DON & ADON are very supportive and really strive to create a positive work environment. From what I hear, BH is one of the best detox centers in South Florida compared to other places. The job is not strenuous on your body and the patients are really great to work with.


I've worked at Beach House now for nearly 5 years and I am happy and proud to say I am a part of a team focused on empathy, compassion and a true desire to see clients do well. I love my team! Everyone that I work with and encounter daily works together and helps each other. No one brushes anything off as “not my job”, etc. My immediate supervisor and the executives treat me and my coworkers with kindness, respect, and compassion. I truly would not want to work anywhere else and cannot recommend Beach House enough.

Employee Testimonials

The Beach House Team is a family! With many employees having long-term employment here, we have become close seeing each other develop professionally and personally. The Executive Team treats us well, providing opportunities for fun with outside treats or get togethers to celebrate achievements and events. Recently, the Anniversary Dedication with painted rocks in our Gratitude Garden and the Talent Show brought everyone together to team build. This is an amazing place to work!

Beach House Recovery Center is truly an amazing place to work. Nursing has the luxury of seeing broken people restored. This rehab is one of the cleanest places I have ever worked! I have personally witnessed so many employees advance from within. Beach house gives in house opportunities to advance within more than I have ever seen at any other job. Additionally, there is collaboration between teams to deal with any challenges with patients. I can honestly attest to the fact that Beach house recovery center has been one of the highest paying substance abuse facilities I have ever worked at. I started working with this company in 2016 and the owner spared no expense with making the place beautiful and paying his Nurses. I have really enjoyed my work life at Beach House. Administration is amazing. The DON is super approachable and flexible when time off is requested. The Clinical support- Amazing!! The VP is an amazing and brilliant minded person who has helped keep the focus and vision ALIVE!!! I love knowing that if I have a question or need support I can easily contact administration and my supervisor the DON. The owner is caring and compassionate! I would definitely say this is a fast paced, fast growing business and an excellent opportunity for "anyone" who enjoys substance abuse treatment's rewards to join a fabulous team. I love working with great minds and saving lives!!!! This has been my dream job...great pay, beautiful facility and administration that knows how to keep us providing the best care for recovery!!

I could write a long fancy essay about The Beach House Center but then you'd probably read the first 3 words and move on to the next review. With that being said I will just get to the stuff you really want to know. I absolutely love working here. I have worked for some really great companies over the years and they were nice but they didn't compare to the feeling you get working here. If you are like me and you want to work for a company that TRULY makes a difference and TRULY leaves a lasting impression on its employees and patients then this is the place for you. In an ever changing world of ups and downs helping other people strive to live their best life is one of the most rewarding things a company can do and I am proud to be a part of that working here.


I have been at Beach House Center for almost 3 years - In that time I have been promoted twice. I have found that if you have a strong work ethic and are self-motivated the sky is the limit! I have had excellent support and guidance from my management team and they make me feel like my opinions really matter. They have allowed me to implement procedures which I felt would be beneficial to my team and the company. I have also seen a number of my peers which started around the same time as me grow and receive promotions in their specific departments. I would recommended whole heartily working at Beach House and I am personally excited to see the company continue to grow. The atmosphere here makes me feel excited and motivated to come to work each day, and my co- workers have become a second family to me!


Beach House is a young and growing company. The environment is fast paced and collaborative. While the work load is high, it is because Beach House is committed to quality treatment for clients AND being compliant. There is zero tolerance for non-compliant behavior. The most enjoyable part of the job is really the team. The CEO genuinely cares about the facility and the team, and mentors and coaches employees to be their best selves. A typical day is fast paced and demanding which makes the time fly by. The culture is excellent with employees from different departments working together to build an engaging environment where there is little to no separation between leadership and staff. Truly an open door environment where you can talk to any manager without fear of retribution. Beach House is the gold standard in treatment facilities, and is a place where you can be proud to work.


I have been employed with Beach House for over a year. Throughout my employment I have felt supported by my supervisors and fellow staff members. Beach House has offered me enough freedom to be creative with my therapeutic groups and individual therapy techniques but enough guidance and supervision to become the best substance abuse treatment professional possible. I would recommend Beach House to anyone new to the substance abuse field looking to gain experience as well as to seasoned professionals in the field looking for employment with an ethical company.

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